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My name is Judy Compton and I've been editing and writing in some form for more than 35 years. I started with newspapers, then worked on websites and technical and business writing. Later, as a classroom teacher, I helped young people develop their writing skills. Ultimately I found book editing, where I get to blend my love of reading with my passion for great writing. 

I'm proud to be certified by the Professional Book Editors Association. 

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My Story

Words are my lifelong passion. Using them to develop great writing is like building a puzzle. Fitting all the pieces into the right places creates a finished masterpiece.


I was an award-winning journalist in high school, and went on to become an award-winning professional journalist. While working at various newspapers, I discovered my love of helping turn good stories into great writing. I love finding just the right word or turn of phrase, figuring out how to say the same things in fewer words, and—perhaps most important—improving writing while maintaining the writer's voice. My work is best when you can't tell I've been there, when the writer's voice stays consistent while the text is clean and concise.

After working at newspapers in three states, I became a teacher. I love to learn and I love to teach people how to write. In a world where this skill is devolving, I worked for many years helping kids present their thoughts in logical, thoughtful ways. 

After leaving the classroom, I turned to my passion for editing to books, working on nonfiction and self-help, among other genres. Maintaining voice and consistency while developing great prose is my greatest professional accomplishment. 

When I'm not editing or writing, I love spending time with my two sons. They've moved on to college and I don't see them much, only every opportunity I get. I devour well-written fiction and talk about it with my book club and my writing group. I'm a big sports fan. Football, baseball, hockey, soccer, X Games—I like watching athletic competitions and learning the stories of the players who participate. I enjoy kayaking, traveling, walking my dog, and, of course, building puzzles. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(919) 740-2356 

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